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Agenda Details

Welcome by Frank Wiener, President of MPC Alliance, and CMO of Sepior
Frank will open the conference with a brief introduction to the MPC Alliance, today’s security summit, and how to maximize your event experience.

Secure Computation and Key Management by Ivan Damgård, Professor, PhD, Aarhus University
Join renowned cryptographer, professor and serial entrepreneur Ivan Damgård for an introductory review of how MPC can protect keys and generate secure signatures, and an introduction to concepts of how MPC can be optimized to provide highly secure, low latency services at massive scale.

Achieving Advanced Security With MPC with Yehuda Lindell, Cryptographer, Coinbase
Join renowned cryptographer, professor, co-founder and CEO of Unbound Security, and most recently the lead cryptographer for Coinbase as he shares his insights on how MPC protects against key misuse and enables a zero trust environment.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins? How MPC Is Transforming Ownership
Panel discussion of the implications of key sharding and how this technology is changing the way we think of asset ownership and control, and explore the topic of if MPC technology creates incompatible situations with regards to current laws and legal conceptions that have up until today ruled banking, finance and asset management.

  • Speakers:
    • Jeff Bandman, Member of ESMA FISC, Expert of the EU Blockchain Observatory
    • Adam Fleisher, Special Counsel at Cooley LLP
    • Oren Goldberg, Senior Solutions Architect at Fireblocks
    • Ouriel Ohayon, CEO of Zengo 
    • Gabrielle Patrick, CEO & General Counsel of Knabu Distributed Systems 
    • Moderator: John Salmon, Technology Partner at Hogan Lovells

MPC vs. HSM: Debunking Myths
Panel debate exploring if sharding a key is safer than storing it as a whole key in a device. This debate will explore security vulnerabilities in MPC and HSMs to understand why and when MPC is needed or not. Join us as we debunk myths in digital asset security.

  • Speakers:
    • David Grigoryan, CTO of Dfns
    • Charles Guillemet, CTO of Ledger
    • Yehuda Lindell, Cryptographer at Coinbase
    • Moderator: Jakob Pagter, CTO of Sepior

MPC Roadblocks: How to Achieve Institutional Adoption?
Panel discussion about the steps that have and can be taken to broaden the acceptance of MPC. Join us for an insightful discussion about consumption models, insurance, 3rd party assessment and more.

  • Speakers:
    • Clarisse Hagège, CEO of Dfns, former banker at Goldman Sachs and BAML
    • Ankur Kacker, SVP, Digital Assets at Marsh
    • Guillaume LE Saint CEO of Atato
    • Aman Thind, CTO of State Street Digital Assets
    • Marcos Viriato, CEO of Parfin
    • Moderator: Keith Bear, Fellow at the Centre for Alternative Finance, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

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