Crypto custody as an API


Dfns is a cybersecurity company that builds custody SaaS protocol for web3 apps. Think of it as a developer tool providing secure cloud for crypto. We are on a mission to bring serenity to DeFi by eliminating new blockchain risks and making crypto transactions easier, faster, more affordable, and compliant with existing regulations. Today, more than 100 companies such as Paxos, Bitgo, Kraken, Coinbase, ConsenSys, Galaxy, Blockfi, Metamask, Figment, Fidelity, and JP Morgan have registered on our waitlist to try out our product. Founded in 2020 in Paris, Dfns is a startup incubated at Station F (awarded Future40), accelerated by Techstars and recognized DeepTech by the French Ministry of Economy. Our company is fully remote with offices in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, London, Stockholm, Sofia, and other cities.

Dfns — Crypto Custody API for Web3 Apps — Clarisse Hagège

From fintechs to large banks to e-commerce sites, Dfns gives platforms the freedom to own and transfer crypto on a battle-designed security infrastructure. Our API is designed to offer best-in-class developer experience and allows any app to deploy custodial wallets in a matter of days, with streamlined feature delivery and security upgrades. At the core of our system runs a keyless wallet generation process (MPC/ZK protocol) enabling clients to send, deposit, and store digital assets (crypto, STO, NFT) with total peace of mind. Dfns is powered by a decentralized custody network designed to break up the inner complications of blockchains and reinstate frictionless business environments. Visit our website and reach out to us for more information.