Driving The Decentralized Future

AMIS is a financial technology company creating bonds between traditional and decentralized worlds. We provide security and accessibility for blockchains as well as crypto currencies. With us, our customers are able to adopt blockchain technology with ease and confidence.

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Established in 2016, AMIS Technologies is a founding member of the Ethereum Alliance and affiliated with MaiCoin Group, a digital asset trading company based in Taiwan. It focuses on bridging traditional and decentralized finance, offering blockchain-related applications, digital asset custody services, and customized solutions for enterprises, such as asset custody wallets and multi-signature wallets. AMIS has been continuously expanding proof-of-stake consensus protocols and Layer 2 frameworks, incorporating Casper FFG and Plasma Cash, and exploring other commercial applications. In 2017, JP Morgan’s Ethereum platform, Quorum, announced its adoption of the AMIS Istanbul Byzantine Consensus Algorithm. Qubic Wallet and Qubic Creator, an NFT service platform also launched in 2021; and AMIS Custody certified for SOC 2 Type I and Type II Compliance and ISO 27001 certification.