MARCH 10, 2022


Episode 2 of this 3-part MPC virtual conference series explores the application of Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) to protect digital assets, and securely facilitate related services and operations. Register today for this free event to learn how MPC introduces innovative new ways to protect the keys and cryptographic operations which provide the security foundation for blockchain related services and online services in general.

Join your industry peers responsible for planning, implementing, and managing the security of digital assets and other blockchain related services to understand how Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is being applied, and why its emerging as the security technology of choice for crypto-native service providers and traditional finance service providers alike.

Learn how MPC is being applied to secure everything from consumer digital asset wallets, to custody services, treasury operations, staking, blockchain operations, and DeFi services for: cryptocurrencies, tokens, central bank digital currencies, NFTs and more.

Hosted by The MPC Alliance
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Participants will be introduced to MPC in the context of how this revolutionary technology is being applied today to solve real-world problems today. A series of esteemed industry experts will participate in presentations, panel sessions and round-tables to discuss key industry trends which are enabled or enhanced by MPC, and debate the when and where MPC provides the most benefits either in place of or in combination with other security related technologies.


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Welcome, Keynote and Panel Sessions

8:00AM – 10:45AM PT
Join your industry peers responsible for planning, implementing, and managing security systems and services to learn how Multi-Party Computation (MPC) is being applied to solve real-world security challenges with digital assets and other blockchain-based services. The MPC Digital Asset Security Summit will kick off with a series of presentations and panel sessions from industry luminaries and practitioners.
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Insights and Ask the Experts Roundtable

11:15AM – 12:30PM PT
Join us for some closing MPC application highlights from our major sponsors, and join our live, interactive Ask the Experts Roundtable. Get your questions ready and either dial-in to speak with our panelists live, or submit your questions online.
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Featured Speakers

Yehuda Lindell
Keith Bear
Centre for Alternative Finance, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Ivan Damgård, PhD
Aarhus University
Adam Fleisher
Special Counsel
Cooley LLP
Oren Goldberg
Senior Solution Architect
Dan Guido
Founder and CEO
Trail of Bits
Charles Guillemet
Ankur Kacker
SVP Specie & Digital Assets
John Salmon
Technology Partner
Hogan Lovells
Aman Thind
State Street Digital Assets

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This is not a conventional virtual event. This is a year-long conference series spanning from October 2021 to October 2022. Register once and tune-in for periodic live-episodes consisting of live presentations, audience participation round-table sessions, meeting rooms and virtual event networking; webinars, workshops, and demonstrations; and an expanding array of content on demand.

Attendees are encouraged to review Episode 1: MPC Data Privacy & Security Conference to learn insights from industry leaders at Facebook, Salesforce and other MPC industry visionaries and practitioners recorded during the October 26th, 2021 live virtual event. Episode 1 sessions provide a more general introduction to the technology and an overview of MPC for a broad range of applications in data privacy and data security.

We’ll keep you informed as new live-event sessions, streaming sessions, and additional on-demand content is scheduled and available.

Register today for this free event to learn more about MPC and how it can be applied to solve critical problems and enable innovative new approaches.